Bitcoin is a Must. Do it for your Kids

Here’s why…

  1. Bitcoin is up +125% Year-to-Date
  2. Volatility is decreasing
  3. Longest streak above 10k
  4. Bitcoin has traded above 16.5k for only 12-days

Add Bitcoin to your Portfolio

BTC + 125% YTD, Nasdaq 100 +35% YTD, Gold +23% YTD, S&P 500 +9% YTD

Volatility is Decreasing

BTC volatility is decreasing

110-Days Above 10k

110-Days and counting… The bullish trend is going to keep pushing upward

Bitcoin’s Price Has Only Been Higher for 12-Days

Bitcoin is showing a steady growth rate

Looking for a Level to Buy

Identify a key price level, buy and hold



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I’m Cointer a crypto enthusiast who likes to kick off the week with a weekly bitcoin analysis.